Welcome to the MojahediPhotography Website!

Welcome to MojahediPhotography website! Ali Mojahedi is a natural light photographer specializing in capturing relaxed portraits of children and families, weddings, events in the Los Angeles area.  Combining the life and personality of your family with his artistic vision is his passion!

Ali takes on a limited number of sessions each month so don’t wait another moment. Contact him and start planning your session today!

Check this out the beautiful Casa Torres Banquets Wedding Photography – Dani & Richard. Thank you for including me in your celebration.

BJ4Q4403 BJ4Q4404 BJ4Q4405 BJ4Q4414 BJ4Q4424 BJ4Q4505 BJ4Q4525 BJ4Q4539 BJ4Q4573 BJ4Q4575 BJ4Q4588 BJ4Q4592 BJ4Q4629 BJ4Q4650 BJ4Q4654 BJ4Q4670 BJ4Q4687 BJ4Q4695 BJ4Q4698 BJ4Q4702 BJ4Q4727 BJ4Q4843 BJ4Q4891 BJ4Q4906 BJ4Q4957 BJ4Q4984 BJ4Q4985 BJ4Q5016 BJ4Q5026 BJ4Q5035 BJ4Q5058 BJ4Q5062 BJ4Q5085 BJ4Q5140 BJ4Q5211 BJ4Q5214 BJ4Q5227 BJ4Q5294 BJ4Q5321 BJ4Q5327 BJ4Q5372 BJ4Q5377 BJ4Q5379 BJ4Q5416 BJ4Q5420 BJ4Q5448 BJ4Q5453 BJ4Q5541 BJ4Q5583 BJ4Q5638 BJ4Q5694 BJ4Q5723 BJ4Q5748 BJ4Q5766 BJ4Q5768 BJ4Q5788 BJ4Q5829 BJ4Q5839 BJ4Q5846 BJ4Q5862 BJ4Q5901 BJ4Q5925 BJ4Q5933 BJ4Q5979 BJ4Q5996 BJ4Q6003 BJ4Q6009 BJ4Q6017 BJ4Q6021 BJ4Q6051 BJ4Q6066 BJ4Q6101 BJ4Q6146 BJ4Q6151 BJ4Q6157 BJ4Q6168 BJ4Q6216 BJ4Q6233 BJ4Q6251 BJ4Q6261 BJ4Q6267 BJ4Q6296 BJ4Q6308 BJ4Q6320 BJ4Q6357 BJ4Q6408 BJ4Q6418 BJ4Q6421 BJ4Q6431 BJ4Q6434 BJ4Q6453 BJ4Q6458 BJ4Q6462 BJ4Q6580 BJ4Q6600 BJ4Q6608 BJ4Q6619 BJ4Q6621 BJ4Q6633 BJ4Q6671 BJ4Q6676 BJ4Q6677 BJ4Q6678 BJ4Q6690 BJ4Q6701 BJ4Q6747 BJ4Q6755 BJ4Q6771 BJ4Q6866 BJ4Q6874 BJ4Q6881 BJ4Q6949 BJ4Q6996 BJ4Q7033 BJ4Q7055 BJ4Q7073 BJ4Q7164 BJ4Q7206 BJ4Q7213 BJ4Q7224 BJ4Q7283 BJ4Q7287 BJ4Q7310 BJ4Q7329 BJ4Q7347 BJ4Q7352 BJ4Q7365 BJ4Q7457 BJ4Q7459 BJ4Q7505 BJ4Q7525 BJ4Q7550 IMG_0256

The beautiful Arboretum & Botanic Garden Wedding Photography – Kristina & Alex. I really enjoyed it, and it definitely made me keep to look their beautiful pictures. I am VERY pleasant that they have me as photographer for their wedding!

BJ4Q0651 BJ4Q0665 BJ4Q0691 BJ4Q0696 BJ4Q0721 BJ4Q0739 BJ4Q0749 BJ4Q0755 BJ4Q0771 BJ4Q0775 BJ4Q0779 BJ4Q0786 BJ4Q0840 BJ4Q0866 BJ4Q0875 BJ4Q0880 BJ4Q0901 BJ4Q0903 BJ4Q0915 BJ4Q0952 BJ4Q1003 BJ4Q1017 BJ4Q1046 BJ4Q1054 BJ4Q1067 BJ4Q1109 BJ4Q1126 BJ4Q1127 BJ4Q1128 BJ4Q1135 BJ4Q1136 BJ4Q1145 BJ4Q1166 BJ4Q1170 BJ4Q1188 BJ4Q1228 BJ4Q1256 BJ4Q1263 BJ4Q1268 BJ4Q1277 BJ4Q1299 BJ4Q1344 BJ4Q1362 BJ4Q1414 BJ4Q1445 BJ4Q1467 BJ4Q1473 BJ4Q1476 BJ4Q1481 BJ4Q1500 BJ4Q1539 BJ4Q1582 BJ4Q1624 BJ4Q1652 BJ4Q1659 BJ4Q1679 BJ4Q1684 BJ4Q1727 BJ4Q1732 BJ4Q1770 BJ4Q1796 BJ4Q1797 BJ4Q1837 BJ4Q1853 BJ4Q1858 BJ4Q1875 BJ4Q1903 BJ4Q1913 BJ4Q1935 BJ4Q1968 BJ4Q2009 BJ4Q2016 BJ4Q2043 BJ4Q2055 BJ4Q2092 BJ4Q2104 BJ4Q2122 BJ4Q2144 BJ4Q2182 BJ4Q2198 BJ4Q2201 BJ4Q2217 BJ4Q2235 BJ4Q2245 BJ4Q2247 BJ4Q2248 BJ4Q2257 BJ4Q2263 BJ4Q2268 BJ4Q2294 BJ4Q2315 BJ4Q2330 BJ4Q2385 BJ4Q2415 BJ4Q2462 BJ4Q2474 BJ4Q2512 BJ4Q2520 BJ4Q2571 BJ4Q2618 BJ4Q2647 BJ4Q2683 BJ4Q2701 BJ4Q2736 BJ4Q2741 BJ4Q2752 BJ4Q2762 BJ4Q2805 BJ4Q2812 BJ4Q2845 BJ4Q2846 BJ4Q2897 BJ4Q2906 BJ4Q2957 BJ4Q3011 BJ4Q3020 BJ4Q3063 BJ4Q3066 BJ4Q3134 BJ4Q3138 BJ4Q3167BJ4Q1798 BJ4Q3193 BJ4Q3227 BJ4Q3273 BJ4Q3319 BJ4Q3344 BJ4Q3379 BJ4Q3389 BJ4Q3409 BJ4Q3425 BJ4Q3458 BJ4Q3479 BJ4Q3487 BJ4Q3524 BJ4Q3563 BJ4Q3567 BJ4Q3577 BJ4Q3601 BJ4Q3626 BJ4Q3652 BJ4Q3680 BJ4Q3693 BJ4Q3711 BJ4Q3743 BJ4Q3782 BJ4Q3808 BJ4Q3836 BJ4Q3929 BJ4Q3958 BJ4Q3985 BJ4Q4003 BJ4Q4004 BJ4Q4007 BJ4Q4017 BJ4Q4019 BJ4Q4028 BJ4Q4038 BJ4Q4056 BJ4Q4099 BJ4Q4100 BJ4Q4101 BJ4Q4116 BJ4Q4119 BJ4Q4123 BJ4Q4125 BJ4Q4150 BJ4Q4153 BJ4Q4160 BJ4Q4181 BJ4Q4189 BJ4Q4196 BJ4Q4301 BJ4Q4341 BJ4Q4342 BJ4Q4367BJ4Q4231